Modern diet and stress cause homosexuality

Industrial chemicals are not tested for safety directly on humans. Changes in behavior are strongly encouraged. Western diet is typically made of high-sugar, high-fat food. I am going to guess that this plays right into Agenda 21 and the New World Order.

Prenatal stress is proven to increase the chance of homosexuality.

Homosexuality & Diabetes: An Unspoken Likeness

We know that the ancient Jews had problems with homosexuality, because their writings contain numerous references to and injunctions against it. An agent that causes a persistent infection can have a very small community size: Consumption of sugar doubled in the United States and the United Kingdom between and And Amerindians and Eskimos have some of the worst problems with alcoholism of any populations on earth.

But imagine if there was a growing movement in this country that applied the natural food mode of thought to those who make poor choices with their sexual appetites. Now with that said; I have come across information on a chemical called Atrazine.

You can even use baby wipes as this is important in preventing hemroids. Harry Harlow's famous studies with Rhesus monkeys [5] demonstrated that such things as love and the ability to nurture healthy children was a learned skill that could be altered by after birth experiences.

And, in fact, there is a lot of truth in what they have to say. So let the discussion begin. Other cells are not much affected. Greg acknowledges that such selection exists but sees it as being confined to malaria protection.

More like chickenpox, which has a CCS of about people. On the other hand, the Irish, the English, Slavs, and Scandinavians have lower rates of alcohol consumption, and yet have much higher rates of alcoholism.

But that does not make it natural or right. This creature, called Ozaw-wen-dib, the yellow headwas now near fifty years old, and had lived with many husbands. But even if you disagree with what the following people say, what is interesting is that they are saying these things with no scolding from the usual suspects:5/2/ · Our modern culture rejects this.

It not only embraces obstacles but self-identifies with them in a truly sick way. Homosexuality, which is a form of unnatural sexual behavior, is celebrated as a lifestyle.

So it should be no surprise that diabetes, which is caused by unnatural eating behavior, is also being pushed as a lifestyle.

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Author of 'study' claiming unhealthy lifestyle causes homosexuality says she's been misunderstood

Modern psychology leans towards believing that maturing is a continuous process which can last one’s entire life, rather than a. “Facebook is labeling a book linking the modern diet to homosexuality as hate speech.

Rita Strakosha, a clinical psychology professional in Albania, was banned from Facebook for six days for posting a link to her paper that theorizes modern diet and stress cause homosexuality. 5/31/ · Rita Strakosha, who says she holds “an M.P.S. degree in Clinical Psychology from Albanian University”, self-published the study, titled Modern Diet and Stress cause Homosexuality: A hypothesis and a potential therapy”.

Can gay people be cured of hormone imbalance?

It is not peer-reviewed. 5/10/ · Is homosexuality a genetic disorder? To that question, the answer is a definitive NO. That question was merged into this question, Is homosexuality genetic?

To that question, the answer is a definitive YES. I’m going to let the original answer stand. It becomes apparent in that answer that yes is the answer to this question. A2A. Even the best therapy cannot wholly change the modern environment (the artificial light, noise, chemical pollution, the low nutrient soil and foods etc.).

The causation can be showed in a trial. I think homosexuality develops during months-years of stress, so such .

Modern diet and stress cause homosexuality
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